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Latest Police Reports

Quinton G. Bailey Jr. Fleeing or evading police, 1st Degree  (Motor Vehicle) Fleeing or evading police, 2nd Degree (On Foot) Reckless Driving Criminal Mischief, 1st Degree Criminal Mischief 3rd Degree Criminal Trespassing 3rd Degree Menacing No Operators-Moped License Receiving Stolen Property $1,000 or More Execution of Bench Warrant for Tbut or Disp all Others Execution of Bench Warrant for Tbut or Disp Shoplifting Charles R. Crum Tbut or Disp All Others Terry Evans Execution of Bench Warrant for Cultivate in Marijuana – 5 Plants, 1st Offence Execution of Bench Warrant for Receiving Stolen Property U/$500 Fleeing or Evading Police, 2nd Degree (On Foot) Nancy Fawbush Public Intoxication – Controll Sub (Excludes Alcohol) Traff In Cont Sub, 2nd Degree, 1st Off (>or=20 D.U. Drug Unspecified Sch 3) Traff in Cont Sub, 3rd Degree, 1st Off(>or=20 D.U. Drug Unspecified) Traff in Cont Sub, 3rd Degree, 1st Off – (>20 D.U. Drug Unspecified) Traff in Cont Sub, 2nd Degree, 1st Off (<10 D.U. Sch1&2 Non-Narcotics) Traf in Marijuana (>4lbs.) 1st Off Carrying A Concealed Weapon Drug Paraphernalia – Buy/Possess Andy Fields Fugitive from Another State – Warrant Required Christopher J. Hairston Assault, 4th Degree (Domestic Violence) Minor Injury Carrying A Concealed Weapon Earnest Maynard Driving on DUI Suspended License – 1st Offense Amber L. Newsome Alcohol Intox in A Public Place (1st & 2nd Offense) Derek M. Parsons Bench Warrant Case Lee...

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The Democrats, The Feel Good But Do Nothing Worthwhile Party

Democrats want everyone to be happy, wealthy and live out their wildest dreams. While that is an absolutely honorable goal, it’s completely unrealistic. Unfortunately no one of us, including Democrats, can just go shake the money tree or find harmony in unlimited quantities. The two biggest problems with all their lofty goals are reality and human nature. Reality dictates that we work hard, save and make sacrifices for the goals we have. Human nature is what keeps us from doing exactly what we should for others and ourselves. The Democrats have to realize that tomorrow may come and we...

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If Bush Tax Cuts Create Jobs…..Then What’s The Problem Now?

One of the excuses for keeping the Bush Tax Cuts has always been that they help companies create jobs. Oh I get it, they must just be out to lunch but they’ll get right to it. Honestly I think this is just another example of the corruption that runs wild in our political system. So we give big business all the breaks and let them export our jobs to others countries while begging them to create jobs, seems like they are a little spoiled. How about some tax cuts for the middle class? Big business can afford the creative...

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Chill The **** Out Washington

Now I can’t say I’m the peace, love and happiness type but there is a limit to the amount of conflict I can handle. It seems the warring parties though have an endless supply of endurance for the shenanigans they let perpetuate. The sad part is that these folks were elected to represent the needs and wants of their constituents, not beat their chest and grunt for dominance. I don’t think anyone wants our AAA credit rating to suffer because Hardly and Barely can’t agree to a fair compromise. After all the pent up aggression subsides and cooler heads...

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Drug Testing for Welfare Recipients

It’s a headline that you could see coming to Kentucky. On May 31 Florida’s Governor, Rick Scott signed a bill into law that requires welfare applicants to pass a drug test in order to qualify for temporary cash assistance. The law went into effect on July 1st making Florida the first state to require testing of welfare recipients. Missouri’s Governor Jay Nixon followed Florida’s lead and signed into law House Bill 73. This law requires the state Department of Social Services to “develop a program to screen each applicant or recipient who is otherwise eligible for Temporary Assistance for...

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