Author: Beano

Mass Killings: Ignoring the REAL Reasons

With the recent horrific events that have occurred, we now have the pro-gun, anti-gun argument front and center. Both sides have valid arguments and each having supporting evidence to back their claims, but here is my opinion. Banning guns is not going to keep events like the one that happened in Newtown from happening again. Arming security guards and/or principals and teachers will not keep such tragic events from occurring again. There will always be people or “nut jobs” if you will, that are willing to die themselves just to kill a mass of innocent children or adults just...

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The Election Is Over And….

With all the anger and hatred posted all over the book of faces and the twitterverse, I figured it was time to shed my feelings on the subject in a banter entry. Here goes. First off, let me say that I am ecstatic that President Obama was elected to a second term. I feel that he has done a good job in his first term with all the pushback and anti-Obama sentiment he has been getting from the Republicans and even his own party. Could he have done better? Probably so, but after the mess this country had gotten...

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It’s A Republican Christmas

With the Christmas season upon us and the “Our Gang” that are the Republican candidates for president, I decided to try my hand at a little holiday humor. We’ve all seen the Christmas albums that become the sounds of the season this time of year with all our favorite holiday tunes, right? Well I wanted to add a little political touch to some of our most popular melodies. Imagine this as a late night commercial or one of those thirty minute infomercial segments that run on FOX on early Sunday Mornings before the NFL kickoff. So sit back, read...

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Making the Best of the Worst

  A truck stop in Hancock, Maryland just off Interstate 70. I know this is absolutely of no significance to anyone that reads this, but to me, this establishment represents life and the struggles we deal with throughout and how we eventually overcome those struggles. It was here at this truck stop that on May 23, 2002, I stopped to fuel up on my way home from Baltimore. I had just been let go, fired, laid off, or however you want to say it from a job I had been working at for just a little over two years after graduating college. I thought I would have this job until “I” decided to find something better. Little did I know; bad accounting practices and the Bernie Ebbers scandal would cause my job to be terminated of no fault of my own, but after I filled up, I just sat in the parking lot and cried. I had never felt any worse. I felt worthless, embarrassed, ashamed, scared and many other countless emotions. I had just gotten married around seven months ago, had a year and a half old son, had just purchased a home the summer before and had just purchased a new vehicle. I was terrified to say the least. At this moment, I actually contemplated running my truck off the highway and killing myself so my family...

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Appalachia Needs Potty Trained

  Let me forewarn you, this article may be a little disgusting and gross, but I feel it needs some attention. Am I the only one absolutely terrified to step into a public restroom being afraid of what I may see, step in, or read in a toilet stall? This seems to be an issue pretty common to the entireAppalachiaarea. Whether it be a rest area, gas station, fast food restaurant, department store, school or even hospital, it infuriates me the people of this area so blatantly disregard others in what they do in these places. First off, that...

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Facing cancer,
with someone who's been there