Unfortunately, I believe this is a headline you will never see anywhere but here. Why? You ask. Some may call me a pessimist or some may say I am bitter. I may be both, but neither of those are my reasoning for feeling this way. The answer to this question as well as most all other questions is: MONEY. Think about the amount of nurses, doctors, hospitals, specialty clinics, pharmaceutical companies and equipment manufacturers that exist not only for just cancer, but also other deadly diseases. The simple fact is if a cure for cancer was one day found, all of the people employed directly related to the disease would have to find somewhere else to devote their time. I started coming to this realization a few years ago as my “real” job is a direct result of the existence of breast cancer. I install, maintain and repair digital mammography equipment that helps detect breast cancer in women. Chances are good if you have had a mammogram at any hospital or clinic in Eastern Kentucky, West Virginia, Southern Ohio or Western Maryland; I have either installed that equipment or repaired it one time or another. This equipment is not cheap, nor are the treatments that ensue if you are diagnosed with this terrible disease. The companies producing this equipment, medication and treatment are not only in the business of fighting cancer, but also the business of making…….you guessed it. MONEY. How many pharmaceutical and manufacturing companies do you know that are “not for profit”? There are a few hospitals and clinics, but that’s just a small percentage when you look at the big picture. If there was a magic pill or injection to just rid your body of such sickness, there is no price on that “one-time” option to replace all the MONEY lost if a cure was actually discovered. It is regrettable so many people profit from such a horrific condition, but those are the facts. I am not saying to give up hope or continue to donate to such charities designed to assist in the fight, I’m just being realistic. This is definitely a position I hope I am eventually proven wrong about. With that said, this is why I believe there will never be a cure for cancer, if there isn’t one already.