20110812-091322.jpgI know the rich feel like they are getting beat up. Honestly though they’ve reaped huge benefits from all the countries under distress including this one. So here is my proposition, get all the wealthy folks to donate a one time check to pull this mess together. We hear so much from them as far as the charities and good they’ve done. Well quit talking about it and do your neighbors a solid. Write a check. If you don’t want your taxes raised be part of the solution. In the end the instability and joblessness will affect you. Step out of your ivory tower and send a check to the people who helped you get where you are. This is greed and selfishness at it’s apex.

Same with regular folks. One way to stop the madness combined with a balanced budget is to inject some capitol. If everyone wrote a check to the treasury today for what they wouldn’t even miss I’m sure we could pay the debt.

Here’s a suggestion Obama, put up a website and take donations from the people. Let them be the solution and then get Washington’s head out of it’s ass. We can fix this if everyone would make a small effort.

Quit bitching and write a check.