It would appear that the Tea Party was victorious in it’s beating it’s chest and knocking the country on it’s ass. While the blame lies on everyone, this group was the tip of the spear in sticking it to the populace. Wars begin where diplomacy ends and bully tactics are only the first steps of disaster.

So how did we get to this point? Like any old dog that never gets disciplined and fed way too much, it gets an attitude and doesn’t want to listen to anyone. By allowing our civil servants to become overpaid rockstars, we’ve allowed humble service to go out of style. When you run for office for the salary and benefits, something is horribly wrong. Why don’t we start with cutting salaries and benefits to Congress? I don’t think so many folks would be jumping at the job if the paycheck was smaller. Let’s also reign in these lobbyists, just cutting the pay rate won’t stop the corruption. ¬†We need to eliminate the temptations and police this thoroughly.

I hope the American public is really paying attention to what’s going on and make better decisions moving forward. When politicians would rather have a pissing matches over an agreement that simply passes the buck rather putting Americans to work, we’re in bad shape. Tea Party, you got your licks in so quit jabbing us all in the eye.