Linda Gambill
Alcohol Intox in a public place 1st and 2nd Offense)

Tyler Howard
Speeding 26 or more over limit
No/Expired registration places
Failure to produce insurance card
License to be in possession

James Patton
Driving without license/negligence in accident
Tbut or Disp shoplifting

Lee Sartin
Execution of bench warrant for oper. Mtr veh u/influ ALC/DRUGS/ETC. .08 (Agg Circum), 2nd (02111)
Exectuion of bench warrant for operating AVT on roadway (00250)
Operating Motor Vehicle under INFLU ALC/DRUGS/ETC. .08 (AGG CIRCUM), 2nd
No operators-moped license

James Stephens
Fleeing or evading police, 2nd degree (on foot)
Disorderly conduct, 2nd degree
Terroristic threatening, 2nd degree
Resisting arrest
Execution of bench warrant for public intoxication-controlled sub(excludes alcohol) (02303).