With the recent horrific events that have occurred, we now have the pro-gun, anti-gun argument front and center. Both sides have valid arguments and each having supporting evidence to back their claims, but here is my opinion.

Banning guns is not going to keep events like the one that happened in Newtown from happening again. Arming security guards and/or principals and teachers will not keep such tragic events from occurring again. There will always be people or “nut jobs” if you will, that are willing to die themselves just to kill a mass of innocent children or adults just to make the news cycle. It is very sad this is what the world has come to, but there are already websites and facebook pages out there that are glorifying the shooter at Sandy Hook as well as the shooter in Aurora, Colorado earlier this year. There is a small group of people that want to go down in history and be remembered for inflicting pain and grief on human beings that they don’t even know just so they can have their “fifteen minutes of fame” and have Matt Lauer and Nancy Grace digging up facts about their childhood and trying to figure out why they committed the senseless acts of violence they did and try to psychoanalyze every event in their life leading up to these tragedies.

I am amazed that the “left” thinks they can just ban these guns and high-capacity ammo clips and we never have to worry about anything like this happening again. Prescription drugs are illegal without a script, but we all know folks who can still get them. Cuban cigars are illegal, those are easy to get. Ingredients for homemade bombs are easy to get your hands on. If someone wants to kill a mass of people, and they are not afraid or hope to die themselves, with the proper amount of planning, they will always succeed. Whether it is with guns, knives, bombs, fire or poisonous gas, the innocent will be just as dead.

I am just as astonished that the “right” thinks arming school personnel or hiring veterans for security positions within schools will solve these issues. This will only create more of a challenge for the perpetrator and may cause it to happen more frequently. Once the “armed” individual or individuals are out of the way, it’s open season on all the unarmed. What happens when a veteran in one of these positions goes off and thinks he/she is back in Iraq or Afghanistan or Vietnam and kills everyone? Whose fault would that be?

The very best thing that could keep things like this from happening again is for the news, internet and social media not to report on it and just ignore it. News organizations and reporters all want the scoop and the “breaking news” headlines and can’t wait to see the ratings when they broadcast live from these small little towns and interview the parents whose lives have been torn apart. Nothing gets ratings though like real tears and excruciating pain and THIS is actually the problem.