Some time ago eastern Kentucky gained notoriety for it’s dental indiscretions lumped under the all too popular label, Mountain Dew mouth.  While this may not be a direct result of imbibing certain soft drinks, it does bring an important topic to the table.  Do eastern Kentuckians truly understand and appreciate the impact poor dental hygiene has on their daily lives?  Even beyond the health implications of improper dental care practices, there are social and personal implications.

Your teeth make a statement about you, whether you like it or not.  I’m not saying that you have to have perfect teeth but poor dental hygiene can affect how others react to you.  If you want to end a conversation quickly, then let your bad breath do the talking.  Take a few moments to brush and floss daily.  The cost of poor hygiene on a long term basis far outweigh the price of toothpaste and a roll of dental floss. Make sure your children understand how important dental hygiene is.

Personally i’m appalled by the idea that my home has gained fame by being the most toothless place in the country.  I think it’s high time that we, as eastern Kentuckians, be known for our unique talents, resilience and skill. Let’s get on the ball and give the news something better to report on.

Do you think Martin Countians truly understand the importance of dental hygiene?