President Obama should really send a thank you letter to the slate of wily Republican candidates.  Each of them reminds me of a comic book super hero: Bachmann with her power to cure homosexuality, Romney with his ability to carry multiple wives on his shoulders and a “maybe” Palin who can function without a brain. Sure there are a few others but they’re the extra man on the Star Trek® away team, pointless and soon to expire.

Don’t they know that super heroes can only vanquish their toughest foes working as a team? Seems like all the “individuals” would funnel their efforts towards supporting their strongest player and run support.  They’ve only succeeded in confusing the heck out of the audience with so many different agendas under the same umbrella that no ones is going to care. Seems to me that the current Republican party only excels in two distinct areas, opposing the President and muddying the water.

Obama may not be the answer but he’s a shoe in for a second term with this gang clowns on the field. What’s your opinion Martin County?