The president seems to be a lot sharper than people give him credit for. For one he’s letting the competition dig their own graves and they have shovels in each hand.

Let’s talk about tyranny. Bachmann has made a glaring point of wanting to reinstate Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. Isn’t that tyrannical to want to oppress someone’s sexual preference? Talk about the government getting in to your business. Democrats may want to regulate business, but apparently the Tea Party favorite wants to regulate your private life and very way of thinking. I’d gladly pay a few more taxes if the government stays out of my private life. Though the lifestyle may not be my own, I absolutely support the right of individuals to make that choice on their own.

What is Rick Perry thinking? All of our soldiers sweating their ass off in the desert deserve the respect of the Commander in Chief, not the other way around. So when did our troops become hoodlums? I think Perry needs to get his act together and rethink what comes out of his mouth. That’s the problem with these folks, and yes I realize he served in the Air Force, they are so out of touch with reality that it’s nearly laughable. If you want everyone to work at McDonald’s and depend on the government for healthcare then Perry is your man.

I hope Americans think about their choices going forward. Do we have problems yes but the solution is not “coddling the rich”, in the words of the Oracle of Omaha, or creating millions of jobs that can’t even pay for a Big MacĀ®. Let’s look at the data folks and get past the soap box monologue’s going on at the Straw Poll.