Rebecca L. Anderson
Endangering the welfare of a minor
Jackie Blackburn
Executed warrant of arrest on indictment number 11-CR-00059.
Michael D. Branham
508.050 Menacing
525.061 Disorderly conduct 2nd degree
222.202(1) Alcohol Intoxication In public 1st and 2nd
Ora L. Brumfield
Public Intoxication – Controlled Substance (Excludes Alcohol)
Gregory T. Fuggitt
186.410 (1) No Operators/Moped License
304.00-060 Failure of non-owner oper. to maintain reg. insurance 1st
189.125 Failure to wear seat belts
530.060 Endangering the welfare of a minor
James D. Goble
Operating motor vehicle under the influence of ALC/DRUGS/ETC. 08 – 1st off
Edgar L. Hedrick
Execution of bench warrant for non payment of fines (02660)
Walter A. Jackson
Reckless Driving
Jerry L. Maynard
Execution of bench warrant for receiving stolen property U/$10,000 (28032).
Execution of bench warrant for Poss/Use of radio that sends/receive police mess. (02664)
Justin K. Mills
218A.1422 Possession of Marijuana
218A.500(2) Drug Para – Buy Possess
Timmy Mullett
Illegal possession of legend drug
Carrying a concealed weapon
Jimmy L. Nelson
Leaving scene of accident – Failure to render aid or assistance
Oper. Mtr. Vehicle under/Influence Alcohol/Drugs/etc. 08 – 3rd offense
Trafficing in controlled sub. 1st degree. 1st off – (>or=10 D.U. Drug unspecified)
Tampering with physical evidence
Brandi L. Sites
Operating motor vehicle U/Influence alc/drugs/etc .08 – 1st off
Failure to produce insurance card
prescription cont sub not proper contain. 1st off
Derek E. Stanley
Assault, 4th degree (minor injury)
Andrew J. Vogeler
Execution of bench warrant for driving on DUI suspended license – 1st offense (02628)
David Workman
Alcohol intox in public place (1st & 2nd offense
Terroristic threatening, 3rd degree