Father Beiting Appalachian Mission Center is currently accepting applications for the Point of Hope Transitional Housing Program. Services provided are listed below:

12 Step Study – weekly meeting
Self / Personal Development – weekly meeting
Parenting – monthly meeting
Employment and Job Training – monthly meeting
Budgeting – monthly meeting
…Social Recreational Programs – seasonal and monthly,
(example: karaoke, prize bingo, games, and as planned by residents)

Self Help 12 Step Groups also use the facilities at Point of Hope independent from any program offered. They meet 4 evenings a week.

1 Open and willing to participate in the Life Skills program
2 Wanting and actively working toward making positive, healthy changes in life
3 Free from drugs or alcohol at least one month & attending AA, NA or other healing program
4 Willing to undergo periodic drug screening tests
5 Married or single with children, 14 yrs of age or under, with housing problems
6 Able to contribute financially toward rent and utilities
7 Willing to live within the guidelines of the program

Family units consisting of four 3 bedroom, and one 2 bedroom residences. Of these are 2 trailers, a duplex, and a house behind the main building.

Our temporary housing program is geared to assist young families and our social, recreational and educational programs are available to anyone in the wider community desiring a healthier lifestyle.

By His Grace Alone,

Donald R. Setser, A.C.Ed., B.C.Ed.
Director – Point of Hope Transitional Housing Program
Father Beiting Appalachian Mission Center
524 S. Hwy. 3
Louisa, Ky. 41230
Cell: 606-335-9491
Office / Fax: 606-638-2273

An outreach ministry of the Catholic Diocese of Lexington