Looking for a great way to advertise your business, organization and group? SCHS JROTC is now accepting donations to help with the obstacle course. Competitions and events will bring in a large amount of people from various counties.

Sheldon Clark JROTC after requests from community members will accept donations under the following guidelines.

All Donations are to be made to SCHS JROTC, these can be in cash donations of which you will receive a receipt and afterwards a letter to turn in for tax purposes showing a donation was made.

All other transactions will be handled in same manner for tax purposes.

Any organization or individual wanting to have a sign placed around the Leaders course which JROTC will use for training and competitions yearly will be allowed under following guidelines.

1.       Donation must be over $250.00 which will include the price of a sign measuring 4’x8’’ placed around the course for others to see, organizations donating a minimum of $1000.00 dollars or equivalent in materials will have an obstacle permanently named as per the request of the donator.

2.       All Donators will receive a letter from SCHS JROTC thanking them for their donations with amount for tax purposes.

The purpose of this is to build a JROTC Leadership/ teamwork course within the community, while encouraging and welcoming outside organizations to compete in a challenging and realistic environment. The course will be designed to instill teamwork, by ensuring team decisions are made in a timely manner that stimulates thought process of individuals while ensuring the team continues to think about their next task while identifying and working on each other’s strengths and weaknesses to function together.

We greatly appreciate all the companies and individuals that have donated already  to helping this become reality.

Please contact myself at:



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JROTC cadets are volunteering their time after school to help with clearing the area of the obstacle course…this is truly a team work/leadership experience! For more information about the JROTC program please visit http://schsjrotccom.fatcow.com/index.html.