In an ideal world elected officials would be put in place or retain their positions because of their hard work and accomplishments. Unfortunately Martin County has always been a place where self interest is exploited on many levels. Monopolistic and territorial could also be used to describe the local Gestapo that works hard not to improve the county but to keep it poor and easily controlled. Officials and certain businesses don’t see that if you let the pie get larger, then whatever piece you get is bigger. Apparently they like to keep their pie to themselves.

I’m sure there are some good folks out there attempting to do great things but their work isn’t easily seen. I suppose the streets could be dirtier, the jobs more scarce and have an even higher population of meth zombies but you tell me. Even the county seat has a tired, dirty feel that certainly isn’t earning any revenue from tourism.

So why does this persist? How easy would it be to beautify the county and make it a nice place to visit? Step one would be to stop giving your all too important vote for a load of tax payer owned gravel.