Effective immediately the Martin County Animal Shelter will not accept cats or kittens…

The Martin County Animal Shelter is placing a hold on taking cats and kittens. We have over 80 cats/kittens at the shelter. On most days there is only one person to care for all the dogs and cats. The severe over-crowding has caused an explosion of upper respiratory virus. This has led to kitten deaths and a huge increase in our vet bill. We cannot take any more cats or kittens until we adopt, place with rescue, or find fosters.

We are looking for a humane solution to the county’s cat overpopulation problem, but we need help. Stray Hearts is a very small rescue with only a handful of dedicated members. We need reliable volunteers. People willing to give time to the shelter to help care for animals, do repairs, maintenance, cleaning, transporting animals, fundraising and numerous other projects. We also need sponsors to pay the cost of spay/neuter to make it easier to place cats and kittens.

For a donation of $35, a cat can be spayed/neutered and rabies vaccinated to make him/her more adoptable. Please consider sponsoring one of our animals.