Return to School Plan 2020-2021 School Vear

Martin County Parents and Guardians,

Based on survey results, parents/guardians have 2 options for educating their students in the 2020-2021 school year.

  • Traditional In-Person- Students enrolled in the Martin County Traditional School Model will return to school 5 days a week with the traditional school schedule and in-person Health and safety protocols will be in place.


  • Cardinal Online Learning- Students enrolled in Cardinal Online Learning will experience online learning at home with identified support and contact with Martin County teachers. These students will be allowed to participate in extracurricular

A continuous and consistent learning environment is best for student success. However, we understand that parents and students might have reasons to seek a transition from one option to another, so we will provide opportunities to do so when available. Transfers from one learning option to another would be best after the completion of a 9-week grading term at the ELEMENTARY level, and after the completion of a semester at the MIDDLE and HIGH SCHOOL level.

Q: Will students be required to wear a mask?

A: Per Guidance on Safety Expectations and Best Practices for Kentucky Schools all students who are enrolled in grades 1-12 and staff should wear a cloth face covering, unless medically waivered. Masks can be lowered during classroom time if all students and staff are seated 6 feet apart. Students will not be required to wear a mask while eating, social distancing, or during outdoor activities.

Kentucky guidance can be viewed here: #HealthyAtSchool

All plans are based upon guidance from Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear, Kentucky Department of Education, and local health officials. Plans are subject to change. Parents will be notified as new guidelines are released. The Martin County School District appreciates your patience.

Larry James

Martin County School District Superintendent