Beyond changing the history books to add some flare to her campaign trail spiel, it now seems that Bachmann has little shame when it comes to her opinions.  Like many in her faction, Bachmann apparently feels that she and her party know what’s best for Americans.  Rewriting history isn’t enough, it would seem she is also in the business of  editing sexual orientation as well.

Although Democrats typically get framed as socialists who just can’t stay out of the public’s business, some opposing party politicians are more than willing to get involved in the private lives of Americans.  While some sects of the Republican machine may not want gun control, they don’t mind imposing their will on personal relationships.

Recently it was reported that Bachmann and her husband’s jointly held counseling center had been advising individuals on correcting their homosexual condition.  Marcus Bachmann, Michele’s husband, has been an outspoken opponent of homosexuality and same sex marriage.  Both seem content to fly their social and political agendas under the Christian banner.

While democrats certainly have their failings and some wild ideas at times but most seem content to focus on issues outside the sanctity  of private life.  So which is more oppressive, regulating how business is done or regulating who ones partner can be? Plymouth rock just isn’t the solution here.

Is it truly a condemnation of the lifestyle or a war on choice itself? What’s your opinion?