Now I can’t say I’m the peace, love and happiness type but there is a limit to the amount of conflict I can handle. It seems the warring parties though have an endless supply of endurance for the shenanigans they let perpetuate. The sad part is that these folks were elected to represent the needs and wants of their constituents, not beat their chest and grunt for dominance. I don’t think anyone wants our AAA credit rating to suffer because Hardly and Barely can’t agree to a fair compromise.

After all the pent up aggression subsides and cooler heads prevail, I’m sure both sides will regret this game of chicken. This isn’t an event to laugh at and drink a beer to, there is skin in the game – American skin. Too bad there isn’t someone to get in the middle of this and douse both sides with a bucket of cold water. This isn’t a matter of warring tribes or countries, it’s the welfare and futures of the very people that form this union.

So from one tax payer, slow down and take a deep breathe guys/gals. I’d hate to see their reaction to a real challenge when they can’t come together on something as basic as paying the bills.

What’s your opinion Martin County?