One of the excuses for keeping the Bush Tax Cuts has always been that they help companies create jobs. Oh I get it, they must just be out to lunch but they’ll get right to it. Honestly I think this is just another example of the corruption that runs wild in our political system. So we give big business all the breaks and let them export our jobs to others countries while begging them to create jobs, seems like they are a little spoiled.

How about some tax cuts for the middle class? Big business can afford the creative accounting that most family’s can’t. Seems to me that most businesses feed off the middle class, so a few extra trips to Applebees® or Best Buy® might actually help the economy and create a few jobs. It would appear Republicans have lost touch with having to make tough choices like buying new shoes for the kids or paying the car insurance. We were a country of citizens not businesses, or did the people become second class at some point?

So lets see those jobs, if I’m not getting a tax then big business can take a hike.