Democrats want everyone to be happy, wealthy and live out their wildest dreams. While that is an absolutely honorable goal, it’s completely unrealistic. Unfortunately no one of us, including Democrats, can just go shake the money tree or find harmony in unlimited quantities. The two biggest problems with all their lofty goals are reality and human nature. Reality dictates that we work hard, save and make sacrifices for the goals we have. Human nature is what keeps us from doing exactly what we should for others and ourselves. The Democrats have to realize that tomorrow may come and we might want to eat then as well.

While Democrats paint themselves as the party crusading for the poor and middle class, at times it can do just the opposite of what’s intended. While many great things come from their initiatives over the years, it sometimes gives folks an unrealistic idea of what’s actually possible. Everyone must learn to live within their means and understand that entitlement funds have to come from somewhere. Come on Dems, we all like to day dream but someone has to pay the light bill.