So when did the American people become hostages to a cell of the Republican party? I guess misdemeanors weren’t enough of a thrill, kidnapping is their new kick. There have been more than a few extremist groups with wild unyielding ideas throughout the years, the Nazi’s were pretty hell bent on pursuing their agendas too.

This is America folks and we all have to swim in the same pool whether we like it or not. I personally don’t find it funny when someone intentionally pees in it either. Take a closer look at these children who have no concept of what it takes to make a village. Republicans may want to take note and distance themselves from this splinter group. The middle class needs leadership not bullies.

Last time I checked the only folks willing to blow themselves and everything around them up to meet their goals were likely tied to the Taliban. If I didn’t believe Osama were dead, I’d swear he shaved his beard and changed his name to Rand Paul.