SCHS Wolfpack

SCHS Wolfpack

This past weekend Sheldon Clark JROTC made history again when they competed in the 7th Mid-western Regional Competition.

The competition included several teams from West Virginia, Kentucky, Ohio and Tennessee, all seeking to be called the best in the region.

Sheldon Clark JROTC had 3 teams compete, one male, one female and a mixed gender team; all three teams were challenged in the 10 event competition over a span of 12 hours. The 3 teams were challenged with mental and physical challenges to include a 2 mile course with numerous physically challenging obstacles.

SCHS JROTC Cadets rose to the challenge and worked as a team while pushing forward and not letting anyone tell them they can’t do it. SFC Rodriguez stated” He was very proud of what the teams accomplished, they were not expected to do as well as they did, our team competed against some of the best teams in the Nation and surrounding states on one of the hardest and physically challenging courses in JROTC”.

JROTC teams received two trophies for 4th place overall team, and 3rd place tug of war, SFC Rodriguez stated” The Cadets surprised him as they competed and showed true heart even when they realized the level of competition and that they were competing against the best”.

SFC Rodriguez will continue to improve the teams both physically and mentally for an upcoming competition in 2 weeks at Allen Central and is looking forward to also competition in several other competitions. SFC Rodriguez also wants to thank all the Parents who supported the teams both mentally and physically, and a special thanks to all those who drove to cheer on the teams as they competed.