Am I tired of hearing about all the shenanigans of the Republican “would be” candidates. Can’t they find some with fewer skeletons in their closet? First it was Bachman with her psycho clinic and crazy husband, Romney who doesn’t seem to know where he stands on anything besides his religious preference and now good ole Cain.

Herman Cain, until recently, has been the front runner of the Republican pack. A self made pizza guru who touts himself as not a politician. This premier of pies had been fast tracking through the Republican ranks until it would appear he had his hands on more than pizza dough. Recently more than one female has come to media with accusations of sexual misconduct.

Mr. Cain’s selective memory has seemed fuzzy at best, a highly convenient fact considering the hot sauce he seems to be mired in. So what’s the real deal? Even Cain doesn’t seem to know.