So what in the world is re20110929-000946.jpgally going on with our country? Obama seems unfocused and losing ground. Jobs are stagnant. Republicans are playing musical chairs with a slate of potential candidates who all seem out of touch with real people. It almost seems like a bad magician is trying to pull off a trick but we can all see the scarves hanging out of his sleeve. Is this just a distraction for some bigger agenda?
Are the powers that be trying to make us so sick that we’ll vote for anyone? Seems to me like the only group with an agenda and any unity to support it is the Tea Party but they’re all crazy. It’s a sad state of affairs when the most concerted group is hell bent on destroying the middle class and proclaiming to support personal liberty and a bunch of other hogwash.

If anyone is sitting back laughing, it’s corporate America. Seems like everyone on the political stage is only concerned with not raising taxes for the uber rich or corporations. I got news for ya America, big corporations don’t have families to feed. When oil companies and their ilk have profits coming out the wazoo they damn sure don’t need a tax break. It seems like special interest rules the day.

I’m frankly tired of hearing overpaid bureaucrats fighting like children considering they are better off than a huge percentage of the people they supposed to represent. When will we stop the the madness?

I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop. So what’s really going on Martin County?