Today we are starting a fun contest for anyone who would like FREE tickets to the Stars and Stripes Concert that is coming to Martin County, Saturday November 5th!

If you would like more information about the concert please check out the facebook page: Stars and Stripes Concert 

Here is how the contest works:

The winner will the first person to send us the title of a particular news article located on our website. Each day I will post a clue on the website  to help you find the article. The first person to respond with the correct answer will win the free tickets. Hopefully the contest will last several days, but it’s our first attempt at a contest so let’s see how it goes.

Please send responses to [email protected]

Good Luck to everyone!

Clue 1: Usual Suspects Plot Suicide

Clue 2: Earned Run Average

Clue 3: “Stamp” out Crume

Clue 4:  Benjamin Franklin was here

Clue 5: Not female

Clue 6: September 7, 2011

Clue 7: Search USPS