So what’s wrong with our little county?  Are the only major employer’s coal companies and prisons?  Why is that?

It seems to me that no effort goes to attract new blood as far as businesses go. The business population actually seems to have shown negative growth.  The landscape seems to be the same as it was ten years ago with a few signs changing and a few old timers hanging in there. So whose responsibility is it to make our county attractive to businesses that could flourish and create better opportunities for our neighbors?

So what is our local government doing about this? It would appear little to nothing.  It is the responsibility for county officials, elected or otherwise, to improve the quality of life for residents. Is that happening now? It may be time to revisit who’s doing what and inject some vigor into those roles. Third world country’s like to keep their people ignorant, poor and pregnant..makes them easier to control. Is that the theory behind Martin County?

Things may have changed but I couldn’t have told you the definition of entrepreneur prior to moving out of the county.  When I was younger there was little encouragement to dream big and create your own path in life. I’m very glad that my parents and those of my friends supported the crazy idea that we kids were capable of doing whatever we set our minds to. The general idea back then though was to have kids, get married, find a job in the mines, and make regular trips to Paintsville or Kermit in that order. Has this changed? We have an obligation to challenge and inspire our residents and children to do great things.

So what’s your opinion on the stagnant nature of Martin County’s business community?